To enhance the user experience for Chiliz (CHZ) token and Fan Token holders, the popular exchange Binance has flawlessly integrated the new Chiliz (CHZ) 2.0 mainnet. This integration goes beyond mere token management – it’s a key component in the development of Chiliz’s ecosystem, allowing CHZ holders to seamlessly connect with Fan Tokens of their cherished sports teams.

With this integration in place, deposits and withdrawals are now active on several blockchain networks, broadening the options for CHZ and Fan Token holders. CHZ deposits can be made using Chiliz Chain, Ethereum, and BNB Chain, while withdrawals are supported on Chiliz Chain and Ethereum. Top-tier Fan Tokens, representing legendary sports clubs like Barcelona, Juventus, and PSG, can be deposited on Chiliz Chain and BNB Smart Chain, with withdrawals facilitated through Chiliz Chain.

Chiliz’s commitment to improving the user experience extends beyond network integration. To delve deeper into the activity on the Chiliz blockchain, Chiliz has unveiled, a proprietary block explorer. This innovative platform provides comprehensive statistics and insights into trades, transactions, and transfers that transpire on the Chiliz blockchain. With Chiliscan, the crypto community can effortlessly monitor the surge in Fan Token usage, track purchases, and observe pivotal liquidity shifts, empowering analysts and enthusiasts with an unprecedented level of visibility into Chiliz’s ecosystem.

The Chiliz project is continuously innovating to build a solid infrastructure that can accommodate its expanding user base and the diverse requirements of its burgeoning sports clientele. The integration of the new mainnet and the introduction of bolster this vision. As a testament to this dedication, the price of CHZ has been on an upward trajectory, reflecting the trust and confidence from investors. Given the positive developments, CHZ might challenge its former highs before the end of 2023, provided that economic circumstances remain favorable.

Key Highlights

  • Binance completes Chiliz (CHZ) 2.0 mainnet integration.
  • Deposits and withdrawals now available on multiple networks (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Chiliz Chain).
  • Chiliz launches, a custom block explorer, providing advanced visibility into blockchain activity.


What is the Chiliz (CHZ) Mainnet?
The Chiliz (CHZ) Mainnet is the primary blockchain network for the Chiliz project. It is where CHZ tokens and Fan Tokens are transacted, processed, and secured.
What are Fan Tokens?
Fan Tokens are digital assets that provide holders with various benefits and experiences related to their favorite sports teams. They can include voting rights, exclusive content, and merchandise discounts.
What is is the official block explorer for the Chiliz blockchain. It provides detailed information about transactions, blocks, and addresses, enabling users to monitor the activity and growth of the Chiliz ecosystem.